There are 10,000 bacteria per cm² on the average phone

Clen phone cases and screen protectors are coated in Hecosol's ISO 22196, EN 16777 certified antibacterial and antiviral spray, leaving your phone germ free for one whole year.


Why choose our cases?

"Phones are a breeding ground for microorganisms, so combining our coating with phone cases and screen protectors for the creation of Clen was an idea we were very excited by."

Dr. Ralph Bruckner, Co-Founder Hecosol GmbH

“Providing a way for our phones to be clean all the time, without any effort, was my ultimate goal with Clen. Using Hecosol's Titano coating has been the best way to achieve that!”

Arianna, Founder of Clen


A one-of-a-kind spray

Trusted by Lufthansa Airlines for use in their aircrafts, Hecosol's Titano spray is 99.9% effective against bacteria and viruses, lasts one year and is 100% safe. Fun fact: Clen is the first and only consumer product to have access to the spray!