iPhone 11 Pro Case (5 Colours)

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There are 10,000 bacteria alone per square cm on the average phone. That’s what led to the creation of Clen - there hasn’t been an effort free, cost effective solution to having a clean phone, until now! Clen cases are the only of their kind to be treated with Hecosol's certified (ISO 22196, EN 16777) antibacterial and antiviral spray that lasts for one year, and prevents the survival of 99.9% gram positive bacteria, gram negative bacteria and noroviruses on the coated surface of your case. Yes, really! All cases are marked with the Clen logo as our Clen - clean guarantee. For full protection, add a Clen antibacterial and antiviral glass screen protector.

Product Benefits:

  • All cases and screens are coated with Hecosol's pioneering certified antibacterial and antiviral (ISO 22196, EN 16777) spray coating
  • The coating is 100% safe for humans, animals and plants (it is also used in planes, schools, stables, offices) 
  • The clear spray is applied using an extremely fine electro spray, resulting in an even coating that is not clearly visible to the naked eye
  • High quality material with maximum coverage (premium leather cases and tempered glass screen protectors)
  • Protecting your health by reducing the transmission of germs
  • Protecting your skin by reducing contact to acne-causing bacteria found on phones
  • Saving time and money away from phone cleaning products
  • Protecting the environment by decreasing use of non-biodegradable antibacterial wipes


  • Clen cases are made of premium pebbled leather
  • Buttons are carefully covered, offering maximum protection and comfort
  • iPhone 11 Pro case dimensions - height: 14.5cm (5.7in), width: 7.5cm (3in), depth: 1.1cm (0.4in) 
  • Screen protectors are made of strong tempered glass
  • Screens have full coverage, with a gap for the microphone
  • iPhone 11 Pro screen protector dimensions - height: 13.6cm (5.4in), width: 6.2cm (2.4in), depth: 0.05cm (0.02in)

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